January 10th, 2002

Misc notes

* new random code is live. quicker.

* logtext/talktext cluster conversion takes too long. 24+ hours of read-only downtime is unacceptable. we'll convert that data on demand lazily. the code will understand the 4 tables: {talk|log}text[2]. it'll read from 2 first, then fall back to the old one. any modifications will always save to 2.

* i'm going to do the read-only stuff pretty soon here, just to get it done.

* much love to everybody for all the misc patches lately. good stuff.

* we don't really need the mailing lists. but can somebody modify the script in cvs/CVSROOT that mails patches@lists.livejournal.com and instead make it posts to lj_patches?
  • ibrad

AIM/ICQ/MSN/Y!/Jabber friend lists

I'm not so sure this qualifies as important, but I was just wondering if anyone was working on, or had suggested a central page to get all of your friends' usernames and numbers on all of the different services that LiveJournal can keep in a users' info/profile.

It's not that fun to have to go through all of your friends' userinfo pages separately to gather this information, especially not multiple times if you want to try a new service or lost your contact list, etc. Not to mention, it's hard keeping track of anyone with new information, or your new friends' information. A central page (or pages, if a different one for each service) with all of this information, possibly able to be sorted by the date the friend was added or the information was updated (if LJ even stores that information). I think this feature would be REALLY useful if it isn't already implemented in some way.. it would save a lot of time, hits, and just plain be cool. Like birthdays.bml.

Sorry if this has already been brought up, and I missed it going back quite a few pages-worth of past community posts. :)
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