January 7th, 2002

  • halkeye

(no subject)

Thinking about the frequently suggested mass changing post security item..

What about a userprop that says friends only or higher.. (ie friends or private) that way we wouldn't have to deal with changing all the securities or users hitting the page/button todo so many times and it could save on some friends page?

Does that make sense? does it work?
  • halkeye

(no subject)

Since i can't seem to edit the last patch post i posted
i thought i'd post it again

Another combining patch.
Puts editinfo.bml and editinfo_do.bml into the one file as well as updates to auth_fields_2

Not sure about the friends pages, should they allow community accounts to add friends(members)?
i wanna be a cowboy
  • teedz

Charting "personal" progress.

How hard would it be to implement a function that would chart "posts per month" on an individual basis? I've always wondered how much more I've been posting now, than when I first joined LJ, but other than doing the math shorthand, there's not an easy way to calculate that.

It appears that LJ uses GNUPlot, or something similar, to generate graphs for other things -- albeit perhaps not on the fly -- so it doesn't seem like it'd be hard to implement.

Some people might argue CPU time would be a factor, but you could maybe allow this sort of thing only on paid accounts. Or just take it into consideration for future development.