January 6th, 2002

  • evan


This patch allows you to specify the initial friends of new users. It also updates the ljconfig in the documentation to tell you how to use it.


To see it in action, create an account on that goathack, or observe the friends list of user "testc". The relevant line in ljconfig.pl:
@INITIAL_FRIENDS = qw(news evan);

(For this LiveJournal installation, I recommend at least: qw(news lj_maintenance).)

Some of the discussion about mandatory friends raised some good issues.
My question to you: how to we, as the people who run the site, address everyone at once?
For example, the site will need to go down for a few hours to do the conversion to clustering, and we'd prefer to warn everyone in advance.
  • halkeye

(no subject)

Another combining patch.
Puts editinfo.bml and editinfo_do.bml into the one file as well as updates to auth_fields_2

Should editjournal.bml and update.bml be auth_fields_2 too?

Update 11:55pm: Now done login.bml looks like it all works.. not sure how else to test