December 1st, 2001

blustery day

hello. i will be asking the fun idiot question of the day....

hey... ljdev peoples. my name is joi, im here on lj, and im thinking of doing that whole... setup an lj sort of deal on my site. but i have a couple questions.

before i start with the questions, which are lame, but still: im not computer illiterate, etc etc. this is just an area of tech i havent yet sprung into. so, naturally, as i am learning, i have questions.

also: im working with windows.

my first question is: how much space (roundabout) does the generic lj server code, etc. take up??? i was *kinda* lookin around for it, but there wasnt much of a straight answer. before i take up all my space, id like to know what im getting into.

secondly: how do i do this??? hahaha... once i get all the files, i think ill be alright. some of it is familiar, and im assuming its just an easy thing to do, if you have some sort of back knowledge of whats there. but how do i go about getting the files??? i think thats a biggie that i should worry about before i go all kindsa nutsy.

if anyone could help, anyone whos done it or whatever... itd be great :)

who the fuck is todd?
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Missing tags in userinfo.bml cause Netscape 4.x to not render pages

This post was made to suggestions before Avva pointed me to lj_dev, for which I apologize.

It contains step-by-step instructions for reproducing a problem that's been turning up in the support area (3 requests in the past week) where users using Netscape 4.x to view their full userinfo.bml page cannot see the text. Netscape 4.x is particularly fanatical about tables, and there are missing table tags in the userinfo.bml output if a paid user is not part of a community.

I might not know how to code very well, but I've spent years working in QA. =)