November 23rd, 2001

goat and ljcom

I'm using the ljcom code on my goathack account, and when I try to create an account, I get an error ("Undefined subroutine &BMLCodeBlock::check_email called at (eval 32) line 149.") check_email is defined in cgi-bin/ which should be require'd by, but apparently isn't...? I verified that if I require from htdocs/create.bml, the error goes away. Anybody have any idea what the problem is?

I think it might have something to do with I have added a require in to include Is this a bad place or something? Without require'ing, I don't have the error... but a lot of ljcom stuff isn't available either (payment stuff, for instance)...

Wrong Content-type HTTP header on user pics

I originally posted this in the Support Request area and was told that this is probably the best place to post this issue, so here goes:

User pictures are sent with the HTTP header "Content-type: text/plain" which confuses several browsers (including Opera for Linux). Content type should either be blank (in which case the browser is left to figure it out for itself) or the proper image type (gif, jpeg, png, etc).

Original support post: