November 22nd, 2001

  • dottey

Quick question

Is there a way to edit the journal views so that it can print out (maybe at the top) something like "You are logged in as: username here" ?

I very rarely ever load (the main page) to see if I need to log in or if I am already logged in. Being able to place a thing at the top of my friends page which tells me who I am logged in as (if I'm logged in at all) would help me to know for sure that I'm not missing any friends-locked posts due to not being logged in.

Sometimes I'm afraid that I miss entries because my cookie accidentally expired - or the servers didn't accept my username that time - or something odd like that.

But posting a viewer's username at the top of a friends page would be helpful for that. Is there a way I can do that in my journal views?
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  • avva

feature suggestion: exporting friends groups

I wonder how many people would find the following feature appealing:

A user would have a preference variable saying, essentially "let others use my friends groups". Right now, if I'm logged in as first_user, and am trying to view , what I get is the complete friends view of second_user, not restricted to "some_group". This makes sense, because if I could see just the posts of users from "some_group", I could know who belongs to "some_group" and who doesn't, but this information should be private to second_user.

However, maybe second_user doesn't really care about that, and is willing to let me and everyone else see his friends views restricted to "some_group". Maybe he's got some interesting subset of users in "some_group" that is fascinating to watch. Right now it can't be done. But we could have a preference variable for second_user saying "let others watch my groups-restricted views".

This is not hard to implement. I wonder, however, whether many people would find it a useful feature.
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