November 18th, 2001


Granting paid access...?

This doesn't quite belong in lj_dev, but I can't find a better place for it. It's a question about administrating a livejournal server, I guess. I asked on the goathack community, but got no response, so now I ask here...

Using the ljcom codebase, how do you go about giving a user "paid" access? Is there some user friendly way to do it, rather than manually changing stuff in the database? Perhaps you use the "payment_credit" admin command? But I'm not sure what I would use for the code/payid... Perhaps the payment process could be covered in the LJ internals faq?
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post too large problem

hello. i am wondering if it is possible to augment the error trapping which flags posts which are too large. the problem is simple: if your post is too large, you get an error window telling you so, and suggesting you go "back" to edit it down to the 4000 character minimum. however, when you press "back" you find that whatever you just typed is no longer in the browser window.
i realize that this behavior is an aspect of the browser itself, not the LJ client. what i would like to suggest would be additional functionality in the error trapping which saves the contents of the person's post, without posting the entry where they intended it so that they can be assured of getting back what they just wrote when they find that its too long.
i know many users who (since i lost my post i've received suggestions) either type up their entries in a word processor and then cut and paste into the LJ client, or, do a "select all" and then "copy" before posting so that when they go back, if the contents are gone they can paste them back in.
how complicated would it be to create a temporary location for over-sized entries to be saved so that the person could click a link which is part of the error message they receive which would ensure that they could access their post to edit and re-post?