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November 15th, 2001

Alpha-layer poll images [Nov. 15th, 2001|09:47 am]
LiveJournal Development


I dunno if this has been discussed yet, but it surely needs to be implemented. The current poll images look like the east end of a westbound mule on journal pages that have a dark background.

I have touched up the current images ever so slightly, adding an alpha layer, so all that whitespace becomes transparent... not perfect, but better. The results are below.

Addendum: for some reason, the transparent layer doesn't seem to be appearing for me in the main view on here. I dunno why. maybe bad html or something. But it looks normal in the comment view page, and on the entry in my journal.

- Current

- Mine

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E-mail client problems revisited [Nov. 15th, 2001|11:28 pm]
LiveJournal Development


This post mentioned that many people are getting "Error : You must be logged in or using a username/password to reply to this protected entry" when posting a reply from within their e-mail program. This was dismissed as a problem with various e-mail clients. However, I'm now thinking it's a quirk on the servers because when I replied to dormando's post in lj_maintenance (http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=15190501&thread=19729599#t19729599) from within IE it gave me the same error. All I had to do was resubmit it. I'm guessing the problem is being caused by something else (for example, a problem getting the item or user), but the other errors aren't being shown because the line (107 of talkpost_do.bml) that produces that error simply returns the error string instead of pushing the error to @errors as it should. LJ::bad_input (line 159) doesn't even get a chance to spit out the errors in @errors. Changing this should shed light on why this problem is happening.
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