November 8th, 2001


I just wanted to thank all the lj_dev people that were working on stuff today. I think today was one of the most productive days ever ... good stuff just kept happenin' left and right. Very cool.

At the risk of missing somebody's work, I'm going to try and list everything that got done....

andrey podkolzin -- pointing out missing files in CVS; misc patches
avva -- very cool UTF-8 progress, BMLSESSION toggle option
dormando -- Got got public test server running LJ on InnoDB
ender -- LJ IRC services
evan -- apostrophe escaping
halkeye -- changepassword merge, LJDEP additions
mart -- RSS friends view
opiummmm -- Working on support system code
sherm -- Debianized one of our few remaining FreeBSD machines
younggoat -- goatctl & skel stuff on goathack

Who'd I miss?
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LJ chat server - Beta

Well, it's reached core completeness and is ready to be tested.

The code needs some cleaning up and auditing to make sure it doesn't have any obvious holes. BTW, if people connect and notice that nickserv doesn't seem to exist, the code has crashed :) As it's in beta, I havn't bothered automatically restarting it yet.

- Code audit
- Code cleanup and documentation
- Final testing
- Fun features
- Java interface

Let the games begin.
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InnoDB testing.


Go there, please. Open an account, create a community, add a bunch of friends, etc. Hit every single option and features on the site that you know about.

That site is running on the new database backend we want to use, and we need to make sure it's bug-free before we put it live on the slave systems.

Please, please, please. If you do find a bug, post all of the details into a comment here. The sooner we feel safe with InnoDB the sooner we make it live and (hopefully) speed up the site a ton ;)

Thanks :)

Update: By the way... Add "dormando" to your friends list if you create a user on there, I'll periodically post requests/updates. Comment on those posts if you do end up testing the requested features.

dayview preview mode

As posted in this support request -- 21519 -- people creating styles have been confused by the fact that the preview doesn't specify a month, day & year to view, which it needs to not create the error that user described. Will this be explained/changed ever? Should we fix the link, giving them a month, day & year, everytime this request comes up? Or... something else?

Damn Those Mail Clients!

One of the many problems with mail clients (e.g. Eudora, Outlook Express 6) is that they don't all handle form data using the POST method (though they handle GET just fine). When users reply to comments via e-mail they see:
Error : You must be logged in or using a username/password to reply to this protected entry.
This is misleading and generates support requests from confused users ( 1 2 3 4 ). It should say something like "Your mail client isn't compatible with LJ."

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