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October 20th, 2001 - LiveJournal Development — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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October 20th, 2001

e100 full duplex [Oct. 20th, 2001|12:29 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Okay, we're having a slight problem with one of the servers. Marklar still has the stock kernel and configuration as when we got it from the vendor. We never put Debian on it because it has a funky RAID configuration and we were desperate for more horsepower when it arrived and we couldn't risk being down for another week while we fought with getting the system booting.

Anyway, the machine has two Intel EtherExpress Pro 100 cards in it .... one on the motherboard and one PCI. The eth0 (card) is negotiating half duplex, resulting in tons of collisions and absolute shit performance, so we can't rsync the database off it to jesus, the new db server. The eth1 (motherboard) is negotiating fine.

We're using the e100 drive, not eepro100 not by choice, but because it came this way. We'll rebuild the machine soon enough, but for now that's not an option. Today, soon, we need to get this going in full duplex mode. The kernel is 2.2.* so mii-{tool|diag} won't work (or they won't work for some reason).

If I look at e100.c I see there's a module parameter called e100_speed_duplex which I should be able to set to 4 to force it to 100 mbps, full duplex. I put this in my /etc/modules.conf:

alias eth0 e100
options eth0 e100_speed_duplex=4
alias eth1 e100
options eth1 e100_speed_duplex=4

Rebooted, didn't work. Ideas? I know nothing about passing parameters to modules.
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