October 15th, 2001

Hello, and questions on text encoding, etc.

Morning, all. I guess I must be an 3l33t LJ developer now because over the weekend I wrote a quick tool that polls checkfriends and notifies me when my friends post. So now I have a couple of newbie questions.

(1) What is the character encoding used by LJ? The protocol docs don't say, and the response headers just have a content-type of "text/plain" with no encoding specified, which is less than helpful. I'm guessing ISO-8859-1 or maybe UTF-8? I know there is a community of people who post in Russian, so there must be some support for non-Latin encodings, right?

(2) I'd like my tool to be able to tell me who just updated their journal. But there seems to be no protocol mode for inspecting your Friends page beyond simply detecting if it's updated, and there's no way to access other people's journals. Or did I miss something, or are the docs out of date? This is a shame, since it seems that a client ought to be able to do anything you can do from the website.

(3) Are "friend groups" something that can only be set up or accessed from client apps? I've looked at the web page for adding/modifying friends, and it says nothing about groups.


Using LJ logo in client apps?

Is it kosher to display the LiveJournal "spinning pencil" logo in a client app? I'd like to use it in the notification window I display, and possibly as a part of the app's icon (maybe an alarm clock with the spinning pencil as its face?)

If it's OK, where can I obtain a plain graphic of the logo? As it appears on the web pages it's been composited against a stripey background. I could try to erase the bg with PhotoShop but it'd be nicer to have a pristine copy.

Want money? LJ installation job...

So it turns out halkeye and mart still haven't finished the LJ installation for Infidelity.com and they're pissed off at me for it (even though I told them I wasn't involved with it).

They've been wanting an LJ installation since July. This is fucking embarassing for LiveJournal. I didn't do it because a) I don't have time and b) I don't need the money and c) it's easy.

So does anybody want to do it? You'll get paid. They want some modification (that Mart and Halkeye might've already done) so you'll need to know Perl/Unix/Apache/MySQL/etc/etc but it's easy.

Please, somebody volunteer.