October 7th, 2001

  • steve

Negative time

I just updated to my LiveJournal and then I checked my userinfo in full mode and I'm noticing that it says "Date updated: 2001-10-06 23:23:29, -393 seconds ago." Negative time eh? I'm guessing this is due to a discrepancy between my computer's time and the server's time? It hasn't always been like this though, anyone know why it was changed?

Oh and while I'm posting, I think I'll advertise my Goathack problem so maybe someone will help me out :-P.


Hello. I just joined the community, and the info said to introduce myself, so...

I'm Heather, I'm 16, I'm in band, choir, dance, and theatre, I live in Ohio, and this is a really long sentence with lots of commas.

Carry on then...

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  • halkeye

Perl Question

Learning as we go has some drawbacks...
Trying to figure out how to tell if a bit is set...
if ( $bitmask |= (1 << $num ) )

it seems to always be true.. so .. need to know if i'm doing it wrong..
its been a while since i've even done it in C...

Any help is welcome

Update: If anyone wants to know, it was
if ($bitmask & $bit ) aka ( $bitmask & (1 << $num) )