October 6th, 2001


Come one, come all.

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  • netik

How should attachments be presnted?

I'm done with the code to attach files to posts, and before I give it away, I'd like to know how people would like to have attachements presented.

Currently there's a new event template tag called %%attachments%% that displays any attachments to the particular event.Basically it displays them in a small table format, like this, at the end of the event (well, at least the way I have it right now):

This comment contains attached files:

bio_10.jpg 12345678 bytes

What do you think?


No Memories Message Typo

Hopefully this fits here, and apologies in advance if it doesn't. I've seen other bugs/errors reported here, in any event.

I was looking at a user's info and went to check his memories out. None showed, and I noticed a typo in the message (which I've bolded):

No memories found. This could be because 1) the user hasn't defined any memorable events, 2) the user's memorable events are protected and you don't have access to view them, or 3) the user doesn't have any memories that match you filter criteria.