October 5th, 2001

New servers, new code.

sherm and I installed a new server tonight (mayer) and mounted two that we previously didn't have rails for (timmy and gobbles). That all took longer than expected so I'm tired now and not up for doing the site transition to the new code. I'll do it tomorrow afternoon so I can be awake to put out fires if necessary.

Speaking of servers ... we've been ordering and installing servers a lot lately without mentioning it. We're doing it ahead of time now so people don't notice because the site doesn't suck for a week.

Anyway, quick overview of new servers:

  • mayor -- single P3 866 Mhz, 256 MB RAM. Purpose: bitch box. "staging server". SSH in here, run netsaint and other monitoring tools, edit files, update from cvs, push to other web slaves (well, broadcast to them that they should rsync from the bitch box ... "masterweb" CNAME internally, actually). right now kyle (a webslave) is our staging machine but it sucks when we hammer it temporarily.
  • timmy, gobbles -- dual something, 2 GB RAM. Purpose: slave database servers.

And stuff that's been ordered but not yet here:

  • jimbo, ned -- dual P4 P3 1.24 Ghz, 512 MB RAM. Purpose: more web slaves. Since these are the first 1.24 Ghz machines we'll have (the rest are 1.0 Ghz or 866 Mhz) we'll probably make these the paid user one(s).
  • jesus -- dual (quad-capable) 2MB cache Xeon 700 Mhz, 12 GB RAM, IBM enclosure/ServRAID/drives ... 288 GB SCSI RAID array (hardly full at all ... can add tons of drives later). Purpose: new database server and NFS server for image gallery photos and file attachments to posts. And as soon as possible we're going to buy another one of all this and name it "santa" as a hot spare. We could've bought the spare this month but it would've been tight .... It's good to have some money in the bank at all times too. Ya know... business thing or something.
I think we're going to auction off Kenny and Cartman soon here ... they're taking up too much damn space for what little good they do in comparison to everything else. Yes, yes... this is sad. Kenny and Cartman were our first two servers. Now we have 21. Don't worry --- we'll buy new machines eventually to replace kenny and cartman's names.

Can we hack again?

Remember the days when people like alanj, avva, dormando, evan, halkeye, mart, revjim, and tribelessnomad sent in tons of patches all the time?

Yeah, those were the days. I think everybody's either dead, busy, or back in school now.

Could the people the are back in school start hacking again when you get adjusted to your schedules?

Mart I'd really like that core.s2 file sometime.

Evan, win32 client? :-)

Halkeye, ljdep?

Tribelessnomad, docbook docbook docbook..... I'll be your bitch. Tell me what raw content you want and I'll make it or get it made. Then you XSLT its ass into DocBook and let's get a real manual finally.

Avva, I know work is kicking your ass, but the utf-8 research would be nice. And we need your help making the whole site translatable and such. I could go ahead with this as I did on freevote but I'd prefer your input along the way... you're the dude that speaks 3 languages fluently.

Revjim, XML-RPC shizzat? Documentation for the existing interface would be nice ... I guess I could start that, then you can add more xml-rpc methods.
  • halkeye

(no subject)

As i've finally gotten forumzilla working on mozilla... i thought i'd go try out the /fz/ bit...

well, for whatever reason.. i get:

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: http://www.livejournal.com/fz/forum.bml?user=halkeye
Line Number 2, Column 1:^

when trying to browse directly, or:
I could not add a subscriont for anything in the file located at
"http://www.livejournal.com/fz/forum.bml?user=halkeye". This could be caused by any of the following problems:

1. The file is not an RDF file or does not contain any ForumZilla forums or RSS 1.0 channels.
2. The file is not being served as either the "text/rdf" or "text/xml" MIME types.
3. There is a syntax error in the file or a bug in ForumZilla.

... etc...

Just trying to find out if this feature works, ever did work.. or ever being planned to work?

And just FYI, the link to Forumzilla is way outdated there, its accually: http://forumzilla.mozdev.org/