September 30th, 2001

  • volsi

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I've a bit of a problem. I manage the antiwar community. Due to various complaints and a general disruptive presence, I banned bsgi from posting in the journal by setting a ban through the admin console. The problem appeared to be solved, until there was another post by him just recently. I rechecked the ban and it is still in effect. I am therefore very confused. Is this a communities security loophole. I went here instead of support because I felt they'd have to refer to the higher-ups anyway. I apologize if I offend anyone by posting here.
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  • jhf

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So, I've been a member of this community almost as long as I've had a journal... and yet the only member of the perl community I recognize is thegreatdark (sorry disco).

So none of you are interested in programming perl, eh?

Later:    So I've just found there's a lj_perl community too -- pick your poison.

Even later:    lj_perl is "for writing perl modules & clients that are specific to LiveJournal."

  • mart

Internationalizing Journals

I've written an information and partial proposal document regarding the issues of creating journal views which incorporate entries or comments in non-English languages.

The document outlines some goals we should be aiming for, the problems that currently exist obstructing those goals, and some thoughts on how to overcome them.

The document also acts as a request for discussion on the subjects within by people with more knowledge or experience in the different aspects of the task.

If you are interested in helping with the task of making LiveJournal international-user friendly, or just would like to pick up some basic background on the ways which this can be done, check it out. Note, though, that I'm not handling the whole project of internationalization, I'm currently just doing the S2 part of it. Other people will be researching and working on other aspects, and avva is our resident expert on non-latin character sets and encoding.