September 23rd, 2001


New mailing list info.

Sorry for the spam (for both of those in the ML and watching lj_dev)

I have changed the offending bits of mailman's code to simply not exist, and have disabled digests on the macro level for all of the lists. If at some point I can figure out the members of an "mlist" object, I will be able to handle the exception that is happening and remove the offending user instead of hanging the entire list. If one of the mailman devs doesn't fix that first.
  • muerte

Searching for people

Am I correct in assuming that the ONLY way to find another LJ user (if you don't know their username) is to search by interest?

The three options under Find Users on the main page are: Random, By Community, By Interest

If I'm looking for someone that I know has livejournal, those aren't very good ways to track them down. Would it be a huge hit on the DB to allow name searches, or location searches, or even email address searches? I guess it all sort of comes back to the directory. But even the directory doesn't answer all of these issues.