September 21st, 2001


new lj user

hi, i'm new to lj and this community and would like to introduce myself. i live in sf, recently laid off, comfortable in c/c++, perl, php, python and can handle java and vb (argh) when needed. haven't used bml before but it doesn't look too bad.

currently, lj optionally sends emails whenever a comment is posted; i wonder if it would be beneficial to send an IM message (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Jabber, YHOO) instead. IM Msgs are more immediate and the lj emails could pile up if a user receives too many comments. we could use jabber (jabber C API or Net::Jabber) to send IMs to any jabber-supported network. wouldn't be too difficult to write an abstract LJ::UserMsg layer that would send a message as email or IM depending on user preference.

since i have plenty of free time now, i am planning on implementing this. i am looking for any pros, cons, or any suggestions. maybe somebody is already working on something similar..

[ oh, i saw the lj camp at brc but unfortunately didn't get a chance to swing by. will do next year ]
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  • jhf

(no subject)

Okay, I promise to ask only one stupid question a month (week?)

Where do the caps for each capability class get set when they're not defined in

I have a problem with my lj setup not allowing me to add friends... I thought this was because maxfriends was undefined, so was being initialized to zero. I was wrong, and now have 're-undefined' maxfriends in, but I'm still getting the error message that I've hit my maxfriends limit. (Before this, I just got an unexplained 104 'error adding one or more friends'.) If I had to guess, I would say that defining maxfriends wrote something into the db somewhere?

Does this make any sense at all, or have I already broken things beyond comprehension?

  • gregw

User entry limits?

I've run in to a situation again (yes, with gigglecam), with limits. How many entries can be shown on a page at once? It appears to be 200. She's got a situation where she has some days (like 9/11/01) with 310 entries. Is there some kind of Skip function (like on the Friends page) where users can skip ahead to the next 200 or so entries for that same day?