September 20th, 2001


Hide "Friend of" list feature and discussion on privacy features

It occurs to me that what should happen when the Hide "Friend of" List box is checked is that other people shouldn't be able to see who lists you as a friend... what it currently does is prevent the journal owner (and everyone else too) from seeing this information.

Call it a bug or call it a feature, it's kind of annoying either way. Anyone want to make a fix for it?

***** Note - This thread also introduces feature suggestions for privacy features and discusses what privacy features we should consider for the future and how they should be implemented. ******
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  • mart

Todo list linking

Mostly for the benefit of lj_manage, I think it'd be cool if we could link todo items from communities we are members of into our own personal todo lists.

Not only would this make the item appear on my list, it would also make me be listed as a "User Working on This" on the community todo list. I envision this working as follows:

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  • gregw

Uh-oh, somethin' broke

We've run in to an issue with large user lists over in support. We've discerned that the limit to the number of users you can have is 750; all fine and good.

Apparently, though, when you get over 500 on your Friends list, the Userinfo page puts a special link next to 'Friends' that takes you to a directory page, supposedly more suited for viewing such a list. See gigglecam's user info page for an example.

However, clicking on this link produces an error:

[Error: Undefined subroutine &BMLCodeBlock::connect_db called at (eval 13) line 20. ]

Not a big deal, since users with these large lists report still being able to manage their list; it's just not viewable by clicking on the link.
  • halkeye

(no subject)

Does anyone know much about form inputs? specificly text area/boxes?

I'm trying to figure out if os matters on new line delemeration...
will it always be \r\n or \n\r or whatever it is?

or can different os's put them in different orders?

Can anyone supply accual links to help?