September 16th, 2001

  • mart

Minor Change to Generator

This would be better placed in changelog, but I don't have posting access there...

I made a minor change to the calendar view of Generator to make the link to the month view fit in better, as it was obviously just added with no particular consideration when the month view came into existance. I placed it where the other views place the dates on entries, and set the appropriate class to make it appear like the links at the topright of the page.

Thanks to osw for pointing this out in support.

[: I can't be more than myself :]
  • b3rnd

(no subject)

Hello, I'm new to this community and LJ development as a whole. Up until now, I've had my hands into Perl, HTML, Java and various other bits.

I wanted to start out with something simple while I'm getting a feel of the code.

There is a <lj user=> tag but none for <lj community=>
I know that it's just something cosmetical that the link and icon are not correct but... it's someplace to start (for me =) )
But.. could someone please point me where the substitution of these lj-tags is made? I looked but couldn't find it so far.
  • cryo

bring out your dead.

[Error: Can't call method "quote" on an undefined value at line 2663. ]

any clues? I recently got lj running under NetBSD on an Alpha. This shows up when I try to use
the web update.

My todo list

Does anybody want to work on any of these things?

* kill hintlastnview (need revtime indexes on log, since mysql 3.23
   can't use indexes in reverse without full table scan... or wait
   until mysql 4.0 optimizer backport to 3.23... ugh)
* attach files to posts (good for groupware)
  -- new cap limits:  canattachfile, filemaxsize (0 for no limit)
* statushistory table: log suspend/priv/acct change history 
* htdocs/userpic: why use LJ::Cache at all if we're using disk now?
* htdocs/userpic: doesn't clean disk cache yet
* bin/maint/ recent_talktext isn't cleaned yet, index prob
* add "scope enum('general','local')" to all prop tables
  -- change SQL exporter to recognize only general
* postevent dup locking
* rate limiting (bradfitz)
* deprecate /cgi-bin/log.cgi, make /interface?mode=<...>
* /fz/ joins on logtext (requires master) 
* talk* joins on logtext (requires master)
* "unpay" console command
* RELEASE!  new tarball.
* cvsreport:
   * -c doesn't need to scan maind.. perf.
   * -s with args doesn't need to scan everything, just args.
* ljcom: automate username changes (payments and renaming)
* support: dakus wants to be able to mark requests as "still needs help"
* LJ::delete_user()
* require POST for all do actions (use LJ::did_post to check)
* add config option to disable BMLSESSION stuff, since we don't
  use it anyway
* editjournal_do: clean HTML (marquees don't close, etc.)
* directory: (need to set non-pub userprops on editinfo change)
* finishing (avva?)
* store as UTF-8 in database (avva investigating)

* should never need to login as community!
  -- e.g. uploadpic/editinfo/etc needs to let community admins 
          select their community to modify while logged in as
* use LJ::send_mail everywhere, not by hand
* XHTML compliant everywhere
* remove *_do.bml pages, merge with main page instead.

* LJDEP (halkeye)
* LJFUNC (bradfitz)
* internals/system (dormando)
* BML (avva)
* XML build env (tribelessnomad) ??
* guide