September 12th, 2001

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Someone half-modified Generator.

The LASTN view has
<td style="text-align: right;" class="index">
while the FRIENDS view has
<td align="right" class="index">

I generated (hence the name) both views from the same source, so this means someone edited LASTN.
Aside from the fact that only editing some of the pages is wrong, using the style= attribute breaks Netscape 4.x.

While I hate NS 4.x as much as the next guy, I designed Generator to work with it: there are a lot of hacks using tables to get the borders to display properly that would've better been done with CSS properties.

I'm fixing it now. Thanks to momokatte.
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In my style overrides I have:


However, on my friends page it says "30 recent entries" instead of "15 recent entries".

Since the "recent entries" link on my friends page links to my main page (which has 15 entries), I'd think it should say "15 recent entries" (i.e., use LASTN instead of FRIENDS in that field of the style.)

Update: mart removed the variable from "recent entries" on Punquin Elegant w/Sidebar's friends page (and, incidentally, main page) so no number is displayed now.

Quick Question...

Maybe this was answered previously, but I'm sort of stumped... I'm trying to make my client send a postevent to the server, and it keeps responding "Invalid Argument(s)" ,,, Here's my string, and I suppose the question I have is what is the proper way to format this string: