September 7th, 2001


If Pictures Are missing, what do we put on the Milk Carton?

Hey everyone just your Mac Client guy here. I've been internetless for about 3 weeks and finally got back on today, so I'm a little out of the loop. But, did someone change the protocol for getting User Pictures (getpickws)? I guess it'd be about a week ago, everyone who used my client reported that it didn't give them Pictures anymore, and when I checked into it, it turned out they weren't be sent from the LJ server anymore.

Anyone have any idea?

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Okay - a while back I posted about getting info from userinfo.bml in a more usable format, then had to drop the project temporarily. Now I'm on it again ;) I'm looking at the source and trying to figure out a good way to do it - I've had it recommended to check for an xml flag (i.e. userinfo.bml?user=bob&xml=true) and output XML data. This seems okay to me, but I thought I'd ask opinions before I started writing it ;)

I was also considering a set of flags so you could tell it what you didn't need - i.e. userinfo.bml?user=bob&xml=true&bio=no&dates=no, for example, just so the database hits don't have to happen if the person doing the call doesn't need it. Or, alternatively, a set of flags so you can tell it what you *do* need - friends=yes&friendof=yes, say. I'm not sure it's worth coding both, and I like the idea of the second one a little better - it'll require slightly more intelligence on the part of developers, but reduce database load :)

any opinions? ^^
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Group code bug hunt.

Hey all,

I want to start getting as many of the LJ devs as possible into chats and discussions regularly.
Right now, everyone's fragmented. Everyone talks with brad, and then goes and does stuff. Often, the devs don't even know each other. So, I'm going to start scheduling "events" on IRC and other various places to get the devs together, talking, and doing things. Exchanging knowledge is cool, refining ideas is cool, peer-review of patches is quite nice, etc.

I also really want to do this, because often when brad or someone changes a huge amount of code, no one really checks it very well. I try my best when I can to audit the diffs, but I won't find nearly as many bugs as a coordinated effort would. I have done this once before, and it worthwhile, and moved pretty quickly. Pretty fun to roll past the bugs.

Place: #lj_dev on the open projects IRC network (
Purpose: First try to get people in one place, and to audit the new account capabilities code.

For future sessions, I'll try to give at least a 24 hour notice up on lj_dev. I might post transcripts and summaries of what went on, where further discussion can take place, and we will decide what to work on next.