September 6th, 2001


Granted, probably wouldn't want to use this for traffic/load reasons, but it would be useful for external installs to be able to allow users to "subscribe" to a journal or community and receive an email every time it's updated.

Or maybe this is already in there somewhere and I'm not seeing it?

Capabilities auditing requested

I've finished removing all references to the 'paidfeatures' column in the users table in a favor of a cleaner and more configurable capabilities based system.

Here's the patch. I tagged both livejournal and ljcom with PRECAPS and POSTCAPS also.

Goathackers, please test this a lot. Again, one year paid accounts for bugs for yourself or friends. Be sure to update your cgi-bin/ ... look at doc/ .. search for %CAP. Also read doc/capabilities.txt.

Related, nearly all ljcom logic should be gone from livejournal with the exception of two documented places... a lot more hooks are being used... see doc/hooks.txt for their names and parameters.

Also, is gone from CVS ... the ljcom bmlp.cfg now only loads (the livejournal one), which then loads, which loads (site specific), which loads the new file, which contains all our hooks & a small library.

Audit, audit... test, test. The more bugs / questions people can come up with, the quicker I can feel confident about the new code and get it live. This stuff is key to moving on and doing a lot more work necessary to eliminate invitation codes.

Oh, when upgrading your goathack ... update cvs, stop apache, run bin/upgrading/, start apache.

Shit ... just realized most everybody only has livejournal and ljcom on their goathack. Hrm. Anybody up for writing a doc on how to do ljcom development? I'm tired. :-/

Technical documentation

A guide to the documentation available for LiveJournal developers has been uploaded to (a temporary location - I wanted to get this online fairly quickly).

The guide lists some documents currently in development, as well as those already released. I know that some of you (mart, opiummmm, maybe others?) are working on additional documentation that I don't have many details about. Anyone who's writing documentation for programmers or system administrators: if it isn't mentioned in the new guide, would you please take a moment to comment here and let everyone know what the scope of your project is? Thanks.
Me in the sun

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In reference to a number of support requests claiming generator to be left-aligning text, I think I've found the problem - and solution:

In LASTN_EVENT of "Generator",
<td style="text-align: right;" class="index">[%%datetime%%]</td>
<td colspan="2" bgcolor="%%color:page_back%%">

should actually be...
<td style="text-align: right;" class="index">[%%datetime%%]</td>
<td style="text-align: center;" colspan="2" bgcolor="%%color:page_back%%">

Is this even in the same ball park as "correct"?


In addition to <LJDEP>, there now exists <LJFUNC> markup in comments to document the LJ API. I started to markup with the info and I wrote bin/ to scan the libraries and spit out a Data::Dumper tree of what it parsed.

Hopefully we'll be able to get this into our main structured documentation directory one day which we'll be theoretically able to convert to a dozen formats... PDF, TXT, HTML, etc.

In the meantime (because I'm pessimistic about us ever getting real structured documentation and a makefile), I'll write something to spit it out on a webpage. My goal is to at least kick start getting meta-data on everything so one day when we do have a structured documentation system (XML, DocBook, perl data structures, whatever) we'll be able to have some raw data to spit out.
  • marlene

Help needed for NY teacher

I am a teacher in NY and saw that LJ now allows you to install lj on your own server. I have a webserver....but I am not quite sure where the files listed go.

I thought LJ would be cool for junior high kids to use, but in a more controlled environment. If I can do it successfully, maybe Brad could market it to schools and make some $$.

My e-mail address is if there is anyone who can help me load this to my server - I have the server room through Interland.
  • banana


I signed up today for support notification. I've recieved details of request 14850 by e-mail, but I can't see it: "Error. You don't have supportread priv on topic accounts."

Surely it shouldn't send me the e-mail? The user hasn't disclosed anything juicy in this case, but I'll bet that in other cases they do.

binary and a cookie to whoever notices
  • xb95

$dbh vs. $dbr in community/join.bml

Question for you guys.

The community/join.bml file is $dbh happy, using it for everything including the initial few reads it needs to do. I know it does a write later, but, shouldn't those be $dbr's for efficiency? I realize that it's not called all -that- much since it's just for joining a community but I was kinda curious if, in a case like this, $dbh should still be used, or if it should be converted.

Since I'm already playing with all the community stuff to work on an e-mail on post system, I can go ahead and change those while I'm at it, if they should be. Thanks. :)