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September 2nd, 2001

(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2001|03:03 am]
LiveJournal Development
Well, my attempt to get an installation working correctly is taking way too long and I can't waste any more time on it!

Basically what's happened is I had an 0512 install working fairly well but Brad let me know I'd basically be shutting out any future updates unless it was converted to a CVS installation and the ad/editions be consistently tracked. The CVS version I've attempted to install tonight doesn't seem to be working very smoothly and I'm not even dealing with customizing yet! I'd planned on launching the thing Monday but that's probably not gonna happen (no one's fault but my own, but just so you know where I'm coming from).

So here's my question. Who out there has the time, inclination, and experience to work on this ASAP? It's a paying job. This being an open source community I understand the general response to that is "why pay? it's open source." and the answers are 1) I can't seem to do it myself and 2) it's fairly time sensitive.

It's also going to grow out of this server fast (it's a RAQ3 with 64mb... I know, ouch), and I'll need somebody to jumpstart the thing on a new server when the time comes... that job can be yours too if you want it.

Please drop me a line at e@kinetictrader.com if you're interested!
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Signup Process & Hooks [Sep. 2nd, 2001|06:36 pm]
LiveJournal Development


By now you've probably read about the new signup process.

I didn't address it in my news post (wrong audience) but I wanted to assure you all that the account code logic & the rest of the new ljcom-specific logic is cleanly separated between the livejournal and ljcom CVS modules.

Most interesting is the new LJ::register_hook and LJ::run_hooks functionality which I plan to use a lot more.

Go look at the new htdocs/create.bml in 'livejournal' ... it does 'runhook' on 'post-create', which is registered in ljcom::lj-bml-local.pl, which is a callback into LJ::Pay::, which is also preloaded by lj-bml-local.pl. Neat, huh? I thought so.
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