August 28th, 2001

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  • mart

Text Messaging Problem

Not our highest priority right now of course, but the text messaging thing doesn't seem to be working. Specifically, it shows up on userinfo but when the link is followed the page claims that text messaging has been disabled or not set up, whether it's on or not.

I'm guessing this is a problem, but just posted it here to make it apparent.

  • eris

eris from deadjournal again

it seems that people found our /support before we'd linked it because we hadn't figured it out

can someone please explain to me how to use it
how do i limit who can respond to support requests?
how do i as an admin close requests?

LJ client & proxy

Is there anyway to have the win32 clients use a proxy server/port(s)? I can only use port 80, which is what I thought the client used, but I am unable to login to the client to verify this.

In some cases I have to use the win authentication with the user/pwd & domain (of the proxy host) to gain inet access.

Any ideas?
  • gleepy

Possible problem with editing posts in others' communities?

I realized I made a typo in a post to a community which I read, notably the "childfree" community. So I instructed LogJam-3.0 to post as "childfree" rather than "gleepy" so I could retrieve my last post there. I got someone else's post. To insure that I did not change the post, I decided not to try to edit it and save the changes. I would rather try such a thing within the closed environment of the goathack world.

This would be a bug in LJ because it could cause others to edit a post they don't own. But it could also be a "feature" in that LogJam did retrieve the last post entered in the particular community's journal.

Some kind of sanity checking needs to be performed to insure the poster always owns the post being retrieved under these circumstances, perhaps on both sides. It still might be satisfactory to retrieve someone else's post from a community for reading only.
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