August 23rd, 2001

User domain.

When I try to access a user's journal using the format "" it just takes me to the main lj site.

I have the whole virtualhost config in my httpd.conf and seems to be working perfectly except for this problem.

Thanks in advance.

Two Easy Questions

Hi people. I got a Goathack but am having a small problem. I keep getting the error [Error: Can't call method "quote" on an undefined value at (eval 12) line 14.] when I try to create my "ScottJournal". I am not sure why. (I'll leave :8013 running until I get a solution so you can reproduce the error if needed.)

Also, is it possible to edit larger files (like the global.look) offline on my Windows box and then somehow upload/transfer it to Goathack? Or do I have to use emacs?

scottfreeman@goathack:~$ mysqlctl stop
Stopping MySQL database server: mysqld010822 18:42:30 mysqld ended
scottfreeman@goathack:~$ apachectl stop
/home/scottfreeman/bin/apachectl stop: httpd stopped
scottfreeman@goathack:~$ apachectl start
/home/scottfreeman/bin/apachectl start: httpd started
scottfreeman@goathack:~$ mysqlctl start
Starting MySQL database server: mysqldStarting mysqld daemon with databases from /home/scottfreeman/var/db/

So now the apache and mysql are running (they were before, honest). But same errors. I just read over doc/install.txt and it looks like all that's been done already. Basically, all I needed to do was start apache and mysql and the server was ready to roll? Thats all I've really done (also edited a few things in

silly question...

i'm a bit new to the whole cvs thing so please don't laugh too hard at this question.

when i attempt 'cvs update' on my goathack account, i get the following message before it performs the update:

cvs update: failed to open /home/djenigma/.cvspass for reading: No such file or directory

how can i fix this?
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distributed lj

hi, this is a shot in the dark, but i was wondering if there were any plans to make a distributed network of livejournal servers... with the idea being that people in the UK post to and read from a UK server, people in Australia use an Aus one, maybe a couple in the US etc ... and the servers feed all new posts between each other in a steady stream ...

this would require a large amount of work to begin with, but would hopefully bring benefits...
1) that if Internap goes boom / Seattle has a brown-out, LiveJournal is still going
2) that less people are all trying to use the same boxes at once (seems to be the biggest problem at the moment)
3) that brad and the admin team can reduce some of the direct responsiblities for keeping LJ online - since each of the distributed servers would have its own admin team...

the disadvantages are ... that it would take a lot of work to get running, and secondly, that there might be a lag between people posting and people on the other side of the world having the posts available to read, because the servers havent done their sync'ing yet. oh and possibly it would be less secure, but i dont envisage this being a huge problem.

anyway, just a general "is this a viable possibility / request for comments".... so, comment away...

not sure if this is what this post was suggesting. if it is, then sorry.

syntax highlighting for bml

i apologize for posting this again, because i know i've seen it before... i thought it was in the lj_dev community, but maybe i'm wrong.

anyways, does someone happen to have a vim syntax file for bml already written? it'd be really handy to have while goathacking.

thanx in advance.
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Must introduce oneself. Right. Hi, I'm new.

Just up front I'd like to state that I know little of LJ's secret, dark, scary little inner workings. Just enough to be dangerous, really, though I'm not likely to shoot myself or anyone else in the foot. I also haven't gone actively digging, though I suppose this will change, now. As to what I do know:

Too much of:
-- Visual Basic (Save your groans for after the entire list, please).
-- HTML/CSS/Blah blah blah
-- Multi User Forth (Heh!)

Enough to be scary:
-- C++
-- Perl

Enough to be dangerous:
-- Any language, given a resource and a couple of days.

I'm also one of those icky, creepy gifted learners. I'm really not kidding about the resource and two days things. I realize my skill set doesn't quite qualify to jump in and start hacking up code and gluing it back together, but I'd like to help out, no less.

In the meantime, I'll likely lurk around until someone finds something with my name on it and thrusts it into my hands. Or, hey, I'll try anything if the person asking looks desperate enough. (As long as 'pretty' isn't a requirement.) rewrite

Ever look at No? Good. Yes? I'm sorry. Yeah, files with one function that is a few thousand lines suck.

Anyway, it's being rewritten. The first patch is now in CVS.

Not only does it now have hundreds of little functions instead of one big one, but now the protocol internally returns rich data structures, which other protocol handlers can then manipulate easier.

So basically we have an meta protocol handler internally now (LJ::Protocol::do_request) and different front-ends that wrap & manipulate it, like the old flat key/value interface (LJ::do_request). The XML-RPC interface is just a package now (LJ::XMLRPC) that has very thin wrappers (one line) for every internal method.

The rewrite's only half done, but it's downhill from here. I don't normally check works in progress into CVS, but I wrote a little regression tester to compare the results of the old log.cgi to the new one for every protocol mode and permutation of options.... all checks out.

Next step, if anybody's up for it, is to start changing our code in BML pages to use the meta protocol instead of using the uglier key/value protocol.