August 22nd, 2001

respecting the goat

I've changed the goathack hackers page to indicate which webservers are currently running.

As the machine currently has only 256 mb of memory, please turn off your processes if you have nothing to share and aren't working.

However, if you've announced something on lj_dev, obviously you should keep your webserver running so other people can hit it.

When I'm back in Seattle I'll add some memory to this machine.

Feature request

dakus asked me for a feature earlier this month and I told him I'd be right on it... whoops. I had meant to forward it on to somebody but forgot.

If any goathacker has time, I've started to implement his request here. The tricky part will be finding the next open support request that the remote user has access to see, in a somewhat efficient way.

Fetch post ID#

Posted here because it seemed like a better place than suggestions.

In the lj-win client, when a user access an old post through Last Entry or History, make entry ID #'s available.

When you use the LJ client and press Ctrl+H and select an entry, you have all sorts of information about it available. Subject, date, privacy info, Current Music, etc. Most of this is because you want to go back and change it. However, there is one thing you can't get after you've posted an entry: its ID. I often want to open an old entry w/ my browser so I can copy it as it appears, not w/ the HTML. (spaces instead of nbsp, bold text instead of [b], etc.) Or perhaps I want a friend to be able to reply to it and not have to search for it themselves. Or maybe I've decided I want to add it to my Memories. Unfortunately, I have to wait till the servers are up until I can browse through my recent entries or calendar. Then I have to overload those servers by clicking around until I find it, and sometimes the servers go back down before I even find it. And so I walk away from my computer, waiting till late at night when the servers aren't overloaded, but by then I've forgotten what it was I wanted to do. All this could be avoided if I could just open an old entry w/ my client and see an unchangeable field that displays the ID#. I can then construct the talkread/talkpost URL myself and work with it.

Avoids server overload from people making lots of page-load requests trying to find a single entry.

None that I can see, unless the ID# is stored in some obscure place where it'd take tons and tons of code to find it.
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Perl and LJ?

I'm looking for a simple way to submit an entry via a perl script? Weren't there some LJ modules around for a while that I could use? Basically I just want a simple function that will take a username/password/entrytext and post it to LJ. Anyone know of anything already written to do this or should I start to hack JLJ?