August 20th, 2001

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Dirt Cheap Memory

Now that memory is DIRT cheap would it make any sense to upgrade most of the servers. You could upgrade the servers to 1g or 2g of ram for less that $200 a server. We'd have to get decent grade ram, but it would still be cheap. Would the web-servers benefit from the added ram? Would it allow us to expand in the future?

With 1g or 2g in the web-servers couldn't we do some ram based caching? Just a thought... It was ntang's idea but he's too much of a wuss to post.

Images in CVS?

Building the goathack server (almost done) and went to checkout LJ CVS and got tons and tons of images... kinda annoying. So, poll:

Poll #3692 Images in CVS?

Should images go in CVS?


Feedback good, too. Keep them in CVS? Separate repository? Just a tarball somewhere?