August 15th, 2001

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Im not sure if i am posting this in the right place, but on the text messaging, you have cingular on there, but mine is , i know i read a few messages yesterday, on this, but ive been searching for over an hour, and cant find them today. I would be willing to help set this up in anyway i can, feel free to contact me, or if you need to send messages to my phone to test it, let me know and ill post the number


Want to get involved and help out? Here's a list of things we need help on.... it is by no means exhaustive. These are just the first things I thought of. We really need help but we only want help from people with experience. If we have to hold your hand the whole way through, we might as well do it ourselves. That said, though, we'll help you out with any livejournal-related stuff, but we won't teach you perl, unix, or SQL... you should have the skillset necessary (sans knowledge of LJ interworkings) to take on one of these projects before you volunteer for it.

So, here's the list....

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Hi everyone.

I don't know if I'll be able to contribute much code, since I'm currently living in a .ec world. I've got a long history with sql though, and some dba experience, though. Maybe I could bounce some ideas off you all to try and get a handle on the issues that have been plaguing the 'free world' lately.

Sorry. Bad pun.

So. Before I start spamming the list with, "Have you tried X yet?" could someone let me know what the 5 biggest bottlenecks we run into is? Bandwidth limitations? Running out of CPU/Diskspace/log space/lock space/etc. etc.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

I'm paranoid *and* nosy...

... so I want to see when people are commenting on my journal entries and my friends ones. I find myself spending a noticable part of each day trying to remember how many comments each post had the last time I looked.

I was hoping I could write a specialised client that would do this for me, but I see that syncitems describes comments as "not implemented". (And I assume this hypothetical feature would only tell me about my own comments anyway). Are there any plans to do anything in this direction? I know about the email notifications but that would only tell me about comments on my own postings and I get enough email anyway ;-)

I could contribute some help but my perl is... limited, so I'd rather write a client.


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A lowly Win32 user, wanting to "have a go"

Oh yes

I'd like to see if I can make a patch. Just for something simple like.... e-mail notification when a poll you've made has been filled out by someone. Well, I guess it'd be simple

I've not looked a the LJ source, so don't really know how the polls work. But, that's not quite relavent yet

My question is, how (If I managed to creat one) would I submit a patch?

I may've got things completely arse-over-tit, but don't I need to diff two files, or something?

If so, how?

If not, why? *grin*

Seriously, how should a patch be submitted?
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A little info on the directory, if I may

I realise it doesn't work, and possibly even mentioning it is a bad thing. But, I'd just like a little info on it

Is it possible for users to "opt out" of the directory search at all?

I have two LJ accounts, one which I only discovered a couple of weeks ago. One of them is this account, the other is a personal one, which is the one I show on my web site, and let my friends know about "What's up?"
"See my web site"

I'm just wondering what sort of annon. the directory will allow people to have, if any

Cheers ears

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Starting to hack away on CVS

I just downloaded the latest LJ code from the CVS tree hoping to hack away on some code for LJ. I ran into a gigantic stumbling block right away: I don't know BML. I know perl well enough, so I can understand certain parts of it, but little or none of the BML. I imagine this could be a problem for a lot of would-be LJ coders. There doesn't appear to any real BML docs to even begin reading. Does anyone have any docs, or some simple explanation that could help us would-be LJ coders?