August 14th, 2001

  • maltor

System style problem

Could someone with access to the system ID fix a bug reported in Support request #12404 for the LASTN Notepad Style.

The problem is the LASTN_ALTPOSTER variable.

Currently it's: (<a href="%%cons:siteroot%%/user/%%poster%%">%%poster%%</a>)

but it's missing the 's' from users so the URL is invalid.

Should be: (<a href="%%cons:siteroot%%/users/%%poster%%">%%poster%%</a>)
  • frog

(no subject)

I was just reading Brad's post about what happened yesterday, and I started thinking about something that might have the potential to help alleviate some of his stress....I hope so, at least.

Most service providers have a link somewhere on their home pages that shows server status with messages about any problems occurring at the time. I know that lj_maintenance is there for such things, but most users don't use it or know it's there, it seems. Plus, the messages usually show up after the problem was resolved.

So my idea was that somewhere in the tab we could add a link for Server Status where someone could post a quick message when there were issues. It'd also be neat to show stats for the load and maybe show them for the last month to show users when the peak times are. If all the stats stuff isn't needed, then maybe we could just put the server status link there and link that to lj_maintenance, so more users would see that lj_maintenance is there. And then, maybe a quick message could be posted as soon as a problem is recognized.

I am open to any feedback. If this type of thing already exists, then I apologize. It was just a brain storm I had, and I'd really like to help alleviate stress for Brad and the other people working hard on making LJ so incredibly great!
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It's a good ol' fashioned bug hunt!

So, it turns out that yesterday's slowness was caused by another infinite loop in the code. This happened a few months ago and it took quite awhile to track down.

So, uh... how's that auditing going, eh?

Whoever finds it gets a permanent account ... and if you already have one, you can give it to a friend. :-P

I wish the damn perl debugger would let me attach to a running process. Grrrrr.
  • niko

(no subject)

Is LJ currently implimenting any type of central system/network monitoring tool?

If not, it's most definitely high-time we did. Having a nice, easy to read graph of all the systems in our network and the memory/cpu/disk load, etc would help us be more proactive with finding and hopefully isolating problems before they get out of hand.

At my last employer we were quite fond of Big Brother. Have a look at this example live status report. It's quite extensive in the components it monitors, and if it's not monitoring something we want, there are plenty of extensions and plugins readily available. (for some reason I'm getting a DNS error when I try to pull up this page from work.) The system can also be set to email (and thus text message) someone when there are major problems.

And of course, the source code is available. I'm unclear as to how licensing would work with LiveJournal, as in if we would really need to buy a commercial license or not.

So, what do y'all think?
  • sema

New client for windows

I'd like to announce new unofficial windows client.
It's based on the official one and has the following enhancements/differences:

  1. Main window interface use control bars
  2. Draft of the entry with autosave and autoload options
  3. Some new shortcuts (list of all shortcuts on F1)
  4. Default friend’s colors
  5. Ability to make link open in new window and set alignment for pictures
  6. And some other small enhancements and fixes...

The only disadvantage of the new client is a lack of spellchecker the official client has (it's not free, visions has license). Instead, this client use MS Word's spellchecker (and thus can check spelling in another languages if appropriate version of Word is installed on the computer), but that trick has some problems.

Note that this client won't in any way conflict or intersect with the official one, you can run them simultaneously.

So, here you can get .exe and
here is the source (you'll have to rename new_lj_eng.rc file to new_lj.rc to build the version with English interface).

distributed requests

i'm not sure what your setup is and i'm not really going to dredge through the dev archive so i'll just toss it up for comment.

distribute http requests geographicaly on high speed networks where available. you'll still have a centralize database server which, i know, can be a problem if everything isn't on net. you can do this most simply with just DNS round robining, and of course there are more complex and expensive ways of going about it. if need be, you could batch the postings to the database in a batch in some sane time that can be adjusted based on time of day. you could offset the batches so that one "front" server as not to overload the database.

i realize that the problem have been attributed to a code bug, but i figured that this could alleviate some congestion.

also, anyone want to hire a dot bomb refugee? here is my shameless plug and a link to my resume :) sorry, times are getting tough.