August 10th, 2001


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Hi. I know very little about technical development of online communities -- I joined this group in the hopes that if I listen with my eyes for a while, I'll know more than I do now, and when something happens (a technical glitch in the system) that doesn't make sense to me, I will better understand "what's up." I guess I am curious about what is behind the booming voice of the "Great and Powerful OS. "

S2 in CVS

I've been joking for a few weeks that if my laptop got stolen, all of S2 would be gone.

I just finished another big chunk of S2 stuff and went inside, leaving my laptop out on the deck. I suddenly got scared that somebody was going to come and steal it and I'd have to rewrite that last chunk. Then I realized... "shit, I'd have to rewrite a lot of stuff." (the last backup I did to my desktop machine at home was ages ago.)

So anyway, it's in CVS now. I don't expect any of you to make sense of it, build it, or use it, but it's there. In the 'src/s2/doc/' directory there are some things you can read but I can't guarantee they're up to date. evan, martmart, and I are probably the only ones that know the details of S2 right now, but that'll change when I finish up the web interface and start writing more documentation.

If you do want to build it you'll want jmk. My makefile.jmk is included in CVS. You'll need javac and java around. If you want to build a native linux binary, "jmk native" will do it if you have gcj-3.0 installed. (on debian: apt-get install gcj-3.0).

Once you have it built, you can run "./s2compile perl 123 core.s2" and it'll spit out perl. But I'm getting ahead of myself. The real point of this post was to say there's more than one copy of S2 in the world now and hopefully a lot more in 24 hours, should internap get blown up.

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This is probably the most inappropriate place to put this request but,

Can someone please put in "emo" as a mood?

Thankyou. That is all.
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Reply to comments from email

I've just switched on the HTML e-mail thing for the first time, and I'm wondering about the reply form it sends. It begins with and XFORM tag instead of a FORM tag. This seems to stop it working in Netscape, but it's ok in IE. I'm using the yahoo web mail service. Am I:
  1. imagining this
  2. not meant to be using NotScope
  3. not clued-up about form tags
  4. not meant to be using yahoo
  5. the bug-finder general   ;~)
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S2 Build Mini-HOWTO

- Get java SDK 1.3.0 ("Java2"?) from sun or
- make sure java and javac are in your path
- put jmk.jar at $LJHOME/bin/jmk.jar
- update from CVS ... now you'll have $LJHOME/bin/jmk (which just calls 'java -jar $LJHOME/bin/jmk.jar $@'
- cd $LJHOME/src/s2/
- type jmk
- run the compiler by typing ./s2compile (which is just a wrapper to call java -jar s2compile.jar

I have a core.s2 file just about ready. I found some things I hadn't implemented yet and some quick features I wanted to get in.


Okay, there's now a very very rough draft of a core.s2 in src/s2/layers, as well as a dummy test.s2 you can use to learn/test syntax. Note that the core.s2 there now has each Entry object dump itself out. Evan and I talked about and we decided it's a much better idea to have the page dump itself out. Also, don't try to make properties too flexible... see how I did the comment link properties in the existing core.s2. Use properties to cover the 90% cases... for the 10% hard-core people, they can override the necessary functions, but most people will want to configure their styles with wizards.

I also added some new & updated documentation, as well as a whole bunch of fixes.

The next thing I'll be putting up is a runner ... I have a bunch of ugly ones. I just need to strip one down and put it up. Then you can populate a data structure and test out your layers on it.