August 7th, 2001

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  • xb95

MD5 Encryption

Okay brainiacs. I'm having tons of trouble getting MD5 encryption to work in LochJournal. I've tried two sets of routines and neither of them are working. What is the LiveJournal server expecting, exactly? Encrypting the test password comes out like this:


I've tried sending that, I've tried encoding each two letters into a byte and sending that in after packing it properly. Nothing works. Can someone try MD5 encrypting the word "test" with a working routine and posting the result? I'd like to see what the difference is.

I've already checked out the two Perl clients, and apparently they just use regular passwords. I'm not that much of a C/C++ programmer or I'd look into the Win32-MFC one. Hopefully the answer is really easy. :)

Thanks guys. Also, if anyone's interested in checking out LochJournal, feel free to point your browser at the web site. I've also setup a community (lochjournal) if you're interested in joining up for progress reports and such.