August 2nd, 2001

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BeOS LiveJournal v1.61

Just so people know, I released the latest version of alivejournal to the masses today. Head on over to BeBits to get your hands on the latest (working, for a change) version of this software.

On a sidenote, should I pay for the alivejournal community's account? I only ask because I was thinking about developing a new style for the journal, and I would need a paid account to do so (right?).

And lastly, who do I contact to get the information on the /downloads page updated? Simon is no longer maintaining his client, and as far as I know, it no longer works (which is why I started working on this client in the first place :P). Thanks...
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I created a poll % bar, think it's good enough to replace the existing one? (The existing one looks shitty on non-white BG's)

Should I do different colors, or something? Let me know if I should do a different one, different color, etc.

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