July 28th, 2001

  • choric


I've been playing with silly perl scripts again. This one produces a graph of the distribution of entries in current_mood. It uses a local copy of Evan's logjam moods file, as getevents only returns current_moodid. After retrieving all journal entries and building hashes of moodid=>mood and moodid=>frequency, it plots a pie chart using GD::Graph::pie.

  • Sample pie chart (from my journal)
  • the script
  • a moods file, which would need to go into the same directory as the script if you want to run it..

There's still no XML conversion or caching going on. I'm going to work on an analyser that does huge amounts of typographic analysis on the whole of a journal, and does things like summarize with Lingua::EN::Summarize. Before I embark on that I *will* write a journal exporter to XML in perl. Promise. :)

Let me know what you guys think.