July 19th, 2001

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Congratulations to everyone who put so much hard work into LJ.

We won 2 Webby People's Voice awards, in the Personal and Services categories.

Here's to a well deserved award on everyone's part. It can really mean a lot to have people show you that they believe in the work you've done, and everyone's put so much work into this place... it's nice to see this happen.

And hey - maybe next year, we won't just be a write-in. :)
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Friends list maxed out?

Friends list maxed out?

Are we aware of any issues with having too many friends? evalove has 9601 friends right now... If you click on "view friends" you'll get an error:

[Error: Undefined subroutine &BMLCodeBlock::connect_db called at (eval 190) line 20. ]

I would imagine it's a HUGE amount of overhead to process this many users...
Peer Pressure


Well, after discussions with jwendl, we're wanting to start a community for LJ-WAP development called lj_wap.

Now, I figure that this username is reserved because it's planned for part of the LJ development side of things, rather than someone coming along and calling themselves lj_wap.

So, can we establish an official lj_wap community, using the lj_wap username?

Decision up to Brad?

- Waz

ps. And now that we have a functional WAP submission gateway, could we list the community and the gateway on the clients page? :-))
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Brad's Webby Interview

Well all, after lotsa work and bandwidth, I've successfully captured Brad's interview in both audio only and audio+video. The audio only version is available as a RealAudio ( http://www.tydel.com/files/bradinterview_audio.rm ) and MP3 ( http://www.tydel.com/files/bradinterview_audio.mp3 ) ... and finally, the long awaited for RealVideo segment is available at http://www.tydel.com/files/bradinterview_video.rm

Hope you all enjoy :)

Something to relieve livejournal servers

I have been working on a new LiveJournal client written in PHP called ljread. It now supports multiple accounts, moods, music, preformatted html, and a bunch of other features. It has a few bugs still, and the ability to post is still not implemented. I have a lot of planned features too, such as caching of data in a mysql database so your friends don't tax the livejournal servers. Anyhow, the developmental version of this script can be viewed here. The stable version which is available for download can be viewed here and downloaded here.


Abstracted Authentication

On the plane to and from the Webbies I worked on abstracting all the authentication in the LiveJournal codebase. There's now[1] a hook where you can plugin your own authentication services in ljconfig.pl.[2] Not only does it just authenticate, but it creates accounts on the fly as necessary.

If you're validating against an LDAP database with 10,000 employees and the LiveJournal features of said company have only been used by 3 people, only 3 users exist in the LJ database. But once you add one of those other 9,997 people use any part of the site (or one of the 3 users tries to add one of the non-using users to their friends list) then their account is created on the fly.

Obviously, registering new accounts is disabled when an external auth. service is being used. Changing passwords & getting lost passwords isn't supported yet, and probably won't be by default, unless the authentication service says it supports it, which most won't/can't. (you can't get the clear text of a Unix md5 password for instance).

The one problem with all of this is that a community can't be created because that username might be taken already (which we could check) or it might be taken in the future by the master database.

I guess this finally makes me consider putting communities in their own namespace, which introduces tons of difficulties ... the friends table would have to be for just friends and a new table would need to be used to track community memberships.

Or.... without changing LJ much, if the site wants communities, perhaps their authentication plugin must support registering dummy accounts in the master database so they could be used as communities by LJ?

Thoughts? I'm particularly interested in AlanJ's thoughts, since he brought up some of these issues in the past if I recall.

[1] Changes aren't in CVS yet because I haven't got a chance and it might still be broken in parts. I won't check in broken crap to CVS.

[2] You'd actually require your library and setup the sub references in ljconfig.pl .... not put all the code there.