July 18th, 2001


Webbies countdown

Brad has flown into town for the day and we're leaving for S.F. in another couple hours. The webcast starts tonight at 7pm PST. I think we're supposed to do an interview early on in the webcast, too.

At times like this, I just really don't know what to wear, much less what to say...

Wish us luck and thanks for getting us there!


Check Friends Remote 0.1

I was poking around the lj_dev area and noticed a cool and server friendly way to check to see if your friends
have posted anything. This is a good alternative to
hitting refresh every 2 seconds like some of us are
prone to doing. So the Check Friends Remote is a PHP script that will
alert you when one of your friends posts to their
journal (from the time when you open the remote).

Give it a whirl!

Or if you're a true geek download and host your own: checkfriends_remote_0.1.tgz

WAP-WML Update

Well, the beta version of the LJ-WAP gateway page is working.

Sort of.

Entries are showing up now, but only in the calendar.

What was wrong first time around?

Well, seeing as I was coding on three hours sleep, and was suffering serious caffeine deprivation at the time...

When I wrote the submit part of the code, instead of submitting the contents of the variables "value=$(date)", I was submitting the name - "value=date".

In other words, I was drowning in three inches of water ;-)
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properties documentation?

In the protocol mode for postevent, it lists prop_name and says "See the document on properties . . ." if I want to learn about them. I'd presume this is how I set the userpic for a post, so I'm interested in figuring out where the aformentioned documentation is.

Any takers?
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