July 17th, 2001

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ccupguy suggested that we have a system badness announcement site hosted completely outside speakeasy which users can go to if the site is down. Blogger have a site like this, and it seems easy enough to do...

We just need someone to offer up the use of a web server for this purpose, and then add a DNS entry for status.livejournal.com which points at that IP address. A password-protected form to fill in to add 'entries' to the front page of it using just a bunch of text files would be enough... no databases and other stuff to fall to bits.

This would complement lj_maintenance for unscheduled downtime, and hopefully reduce the amount of users who sit there repeatedly reloading an error message if we can give a considered ETA on the problem being fixed.

Anyone up for allowing one of their servers to be used for this purpose? It only needs a vhost... not a dedicated box. I suppose the data transfer might be quite high at times of down, but most of the time it'd be left pretty much alone I should think. Of course, if anyone wants to beg to differ, please feel free! I'd love to offer a server of my own for this, but I don't have any... so I can't.

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An interesting project for someone, possibly an addition to the current beta backup program:


"That leaves me with the problem of figuring out how to print my journals in a nice layout..."

"So, say I get a bunch of XML files on my hard drive (from the windows backup beta client). What do I do with them to print them out in a nice fasion such as is displayed on my LJ?"

We've already got functionality for users bringing a real life journal into LJ (back dating), but don't have the obvious (to print). Seems it would make more sense to have it done on their computer, rather than a big page loaded from the servers...

Question is, how. At present, do the XML files contain enough information for this to be done?

(If so, then it becomes client-side, and not directly LJ related, but if they don't....)
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