July 14th, 2001

YaxJournal v1.0.0 released (Mac OSX client)



Okay, this is pretty much complete for the features I wanted, there's no checking or editing of friends or friends groups yet (wait for v1.1.0). But it's been bug-tested and looks very cool.

YaxJournal is the 6th. most popular client for LiveJournal now, so if possible could it gain a link from the LiveJournal download page? If there's anything that you guys require me to do before that can be done, I'm sure I can oblige, e-mail me.

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  • mart

Little Bug

Someone has posted over in support about getting a perl error on the modify_do.bml page. It seems to be in the region of the override spewing, but I'm not exactly sure.

If someone has some time spare and could go take a look and see if they can spot the problem and either submit a patch or comment here, that'd be great.

I'm too tired to do it myself now ;)

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  • mart

Busted Email

Lots of users are moaning in support that they aren't getting comment notification emails anymore, but it used to work and they've not changed their address. I've just read about the sixth of them that I've seen, and it's looking like something really is broken.

The comment mailing code is simple enough that I don't think it's broken there, but I can't check anything else because I've got no access to the servers! Just a heads-up...

Packet loss

Okay, it's time we finally buy a real switch. We're getting 20% packet-loss on our internal network through our two chained-together ghetto switches.

We discussed this two months ago and I decided at the time I agreed with ender's suggestion.

But now the question is.... where should I buy a Cisco 2924XL or a 3500XL? Ideally I'd like to drive over to the 24-hour Cisco store and go install it tonight but that isn't going to happen. So who do I order it from that has stuff in stock?

Also, now that we're using Kenny as a slave DB as its primary job, we're discovering that the FreeBSD drivers for the AMI MegaRAID card really suck compared to the Linux ones. I think we're going to put Linux on Kenny if we can't figure out why IO is shit under FreeBSD.