July 11th, 2001

  • steve

Deleting posts from communities

It's very possible that I've overlooked something, however, it seems that there is no way for the maintainer of a community to delete posts. Using the Win32 (and probably Linux) client, the moderator simply needs to sign in and delete the posts. However, for web users there is currently no way of doing this. I just tested it out and couldn't find a way. Even logging in as the community account doesn't work. Any ideas, anyone wanna fix this?

Stats page irregularities

I didn't want to post it here - can we maybe start an lj_bugreports community?

Anyway, I've been monitoring the Statistics Page at http://www.livejournal.com/stats.bml for some time now, and have noticed that there seem to be a few irregularities.

Firstly, I've been noticing that the numbers under The following are the 15 most popular countries LiveJournal is used in, Australia hasn't changed from 3630 journal in about two weeks (and I suspect for a lot longer).

In addition, under Are males or females more likely to maintain journals?, the figures for male, female and unspecified do not add to the total number of journals.

Is something going wrong with the stats page?