June 29th, 2001


don't know where to post this, so i'll start here. is there a community for the development of a "backup"/"sync" client? if not, perhaps we should create one. i'm interested in developing/making a local sync client. i recall a client already started in VB by muerte, and he e-mailed me the source, but at that time i couldn't devote energy to it. has any more progress been made on this client? is it still not possible to sync moods/music? maybe i'll start a lj_sync community.. comments?
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Strange idea

I've not used MS Office since Office97, and as such don't know too much about it. But, correct me if I'm wrong, can't it do something similar to their management console as far as snap-ins or something similar? Can't people develop them or something?

I was just thinking that'd be kind of kickass for someone at school or work or even at home, to be able to type up a post in Word with fonts, formatting, etc then just click a button on the toolbar.

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  • jnala

Public test server

Is anyone setting up a public test server?

Right now I don't have full access to any machine outside a firewall, so if I make code changes, I can't show you guys directly; I have to make do with descriptions and screenshots. And even if I do get my own test server, everyone would have to go make their own accounts on it to try stuff out, etc, it'd be tedious. It'd be spiffy if there were one central test server running multiple differently-hacked instances of the LJ code against a single database, so we didn't have these issues.

Any takers? Or has someone already done this?
  • muerte

Public LJ Test server

This is just to inform you that I will be setting up a public LJ-Dev test server on monday. Alanj is gonna set it all up, I'm just providing the box. It will be an old p200 64/128 megs of ram, nothing special, but it should get us by. I may be able to secure more of a machine later, but this will be up Monday. It's on a dedicated 15meg DS3 so connectivity should be just fine. Contact me personally for more information or an account on the box.