June 28th, 2001

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Forum, anyone?

I am sure most of you are familiar with UBB and similar forums. What if LJ were to take on that form of software?

I know LJ offers communities, but they are de-centralized and don't really unify the LJ population as a whole.

What if the community idea was twisted around to more closely resemble a bulletin board? There would be two types: 5-10 generic LJ-created forums, where anyone can post. In addidtion, there could be an unlimited number of user-created communities.

The stock communities would be "owned" by certain members of lj_support staff, so they could be monitored. Everyone could post new threads (journal entries, whatever...) by default, and would have the same powers they normally have over their posts *except* no deleting of other users' comments. That power would be reserved for the moderators (lj_support staff.) The main forums would have a front page for easy access. Threads would show up by title, poster, and datetime of most recent comment, like most BBs.

"Personal" communities, on the other hand, would be administered as they are now. The creator/owner is responsible for the day-to-day operations, and things would continue to run about like now. Communities (ahem, personal boards) would be categorized by their creators, and cataloged into a directory so it is easy for a person to find a community if they're looking for something. (As it is now, many people create a community, then realize five days later there is a similar community already).

A lot of this isn't as much work as it may sound, since the back-end already exists. The main issues would be little details of a forum, and creating the interface. I think a public forum that is easy to access and presented to users right off the bat would be a great think for building community amongst LJ users. Furthermore, a BB is much better at meeting certain needs, such as those of a business. It could help LJ gain acceptance.

This isn't totally fleshed out by any means, I want input! Comments/suggestions/death threats, I want them all!
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How music data is stored

Is the music data (for the current) stored in hex-form with +'s for spaces, or is it stored in plain readable ASCII?

i.e. does it look like this before it's parsed by anything: "Everclear+-+Wonderful" (or %20 instead of +) or like this: "Everclear - Wonderful"?

I was thinking that, if it was stored in the first way, it would be easy to implement a feature to use a different thing instead of "Music" for the current.

if there's a space (or other character that would be stored as a hex %20 type value) then it reads everything before the character and calls that the %%what%%, and everything after the character is the %%value%%.

Was tossing the idea around in my head to write up something like that; shouldn't be terribly hard UNLESS the music value is stored in plain ASCII.
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Getting friends' posts in a client..


Haven't been in here for a while, been too busy with other stuff. However i now have some time I'd like to 'brush up' my OS/2 LiveJournal client for a bundled release with eComStation, the next OS/2 version.

Last time I was working on this thing, I wanted to be able to list my friends' posts and comments, and also post comments to them, but it wasn't supported by the protocol. Did anything change in this respect, or are there other 'tricks' I can use?

Any help would be appreciated.. ;)