June 27th, 2001


Is LiveJournal losing its edge?

LiveJournal seems to be slipping in the polls, dropping to only a 3% lead over Blogger in the Personal Site category, and leading PayPal in the Services category by just 1% of the vote.

For the past couple days, I haven't had to ask for anyone's vote or post about the race. That's a good thing, since I really don't like having to ask for votes. Still, part of my job is to do what is needed for LiveJournal to succeed, and LiveJournal really could use a Webby award in order to get a fraction of the attention that Blogger or UserLand get for their weblog applications. I hate to do it, but I am willing to ask, plead, and beg in order to accomplish something that would very much help LiveJournal become a more successful open source project and a more successful business. It's just part of the job, even if it is my least favorite part, and I am not willing to explain to Brad when he comes back from his vacation that LiveJournal lost its chance at a Webby because I failed to do my job.

Everyday, Blogger and PayPal pick up votes that we, frankly, never get a chance at, since we are not on the ballot. At this rate, it is quite possible that we can lose our lead in both categories unless we do something about it now.

Please, do what you can to stop this from happening. Write in your vote for LiveJournal for thePersonal and Services awards! If you want to be especially supportive, post to your journal about it. Let's all get together and win this one as a team!

My apologies about having to ask for your help again. I want to thank those of you who have helped us or who have been patient and supportive through all of this. It really has helped to hear from so many of you who really care about LiveJournal and want us to win this thing. So let's win it, already!

All for now,

livejournal mention!

At OSCON today I was at the Perl Lightning Talks and another guy mentioned LiveJournal in his talk. Totally made my day. I wasn't really listening too closely (working on S2 instead) but it got my attention wit a quickness. I talked to hiim yesterday... he said he's using it because the API was so nice and documented very well. Score!

killing smart tags

There has been a lot of talk around the web recently about Microsoft's new "Smart Tags", a feature built into the browser that ships with Windows XP that makes words on any html page get squiggly links, linking to Microsoft-selected services. Obviously, such a feature is evil, ugly, and doesn't belong on journal pages. There is, however, a solution...

You can turn the little buggers off by adding this meta tag to the <head> section of every page that is served:

<meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE">

So... does anyone want to see to it that these smart tags are killed for our site? It would be much appreciated!