June 25th, 2001

  • dottey

"Blinking Updates" in the win32 client

This is just a general question. I'm wondering how (psuedocode-ish) the win32 client knows that one of the users on my friends list has posted. What does it use to check on this? How often does the client check for updates? That sort of thing.

I'm using the latest beta - Version 1.4.7-beta Fri Jun 1 01:34:02 2001

Am kinda wondering if there was any room for discussion on "is there a better way to check for friends updates?" depending on what the current method is.

eh, thanks for whatever answer(s) I get.

heads up for ie6 changes

i just downloaded the ie6 refresh and they now default to <td> having a align="center" instead of the html compliant align="left" if unspecified. i don't know if it will stay that way or not, but it is how it is working in ie6 refresh (6.0.2479.0006).

this will cause formatting abnormalities in journal entries if the align is not explicitly stated.

in other words, if you want your style's to look like they are supposed to look no matter what, specify align="left" instead of not putting in an align.


Hey all, LJ dev newbie here. I noticed something about freevote.com in here somewhere (same founders as LJ?), and was wondering if there was any plan to include survey functionality for LJ posters. It would go along nicely with posting comments on other people's journals.

Is there a place where I can see a list of "features coming soon" or a feature wishlist?


Java interface for Blogger?

I noticed this post by Blogger's creator... I figured that the developers here might find it interesting. It looks like he has a working (yet still rough) version of a java web-based client for Blogger.

"I'm working on a Java (servlets and JSP) interface for Blogger. Currently, the main interface is built in ASP running on IIS/Win2k, with much of the back-end (well, the crucial bits anyway, such as file transferring and template rendering) running in Java servlets on Linux (though, being Java servlets, they do not require Linux). I'm working to replace the ASP part with Java, so the whole thing can be much more cohesive, portable, and cross-platformless bug-prone, more manageable, more scalable*. And, thus, opening up the now somewhat difficult possibilities of licensed, installable, or even desktop versions of Blogger. This is also why I haven't been improving or fixing bugs much that exist in the current interface. As annoying as it is, with my lack of development cycles, if I keep investing in that code base, I'm not, ultimately, going to get very far. I hope you understand.

*This is not to say, as would be the popularly accepted premise, that a "less bug-prone, more manageable, more scalable" version couldn't be built on ASP/Windows. I think it could. And probably more quickly, by me. However, it certainly wouldn't be as portable or cross-platform (or would it?). But I am finding Java to be superior for building this type of app, and I am less and less interested in being tied to Microsoft even if they do make one's life easier in some ways."