June 18th, 2001


HTML Cleaning?

Are there plans in the works to institute HTML cleansing throughout the site? I've noticed occasional things cropping up , like this where a stray html tag has buggered up an LJ specific page, typically when it involves a user's name or a miscoding in a post that buggers up the page for comments. on the above link, 4j2i0m has his name setup as <font color=lime>420, causing all the text on the page other than links to be lime colored.
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Not sure where to ask...

Not sure where to ask, so I'll try here. I was just checking out the stats page and was wondering about some other interesting (atleast to me) statistics. Some of these are: How many GB is the current LJ database and how many KB or MB are used per user (average, max, min, etc) ?

Since the core of the LJ database is just plain text, I'm guessing the storage space per user isn't that great. But I think it would be interesting stuff to know. Is there anyone else interested in getting these sort of stats placed on the stats page? Anyone (Brad?) interested in adding them?

Thanks for reading...
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(no subject)

Is there any BML documentation anywhere. I have checked out the tutorials on here but by the looks of it it is increadibly outdated, and doesn't really help me to understand the current files. I would like to create new global.look and generic.look files to give my lj server a new look.