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June 16th, 2001

Replacing lj_dontreply@livejournal.com with best email address? [Jun. 16th, 2001|01:05 am]
LiveJournal Development


I get notified about replies to my entries and replies by email. In each case, the "from" address is lj_dontreply@livejournal.

I'd find it very useful if either this From address, or perhaps a Reply-To address, was the email address for the person writing the reply, so that when I want to reply in private rather than in public I can do so in private email.

Is this either feasable or desirable?
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Errors editing posts [Jun. 16th, 2001|07:15 am]
LiveJournal Development


[music |Coal Chamber - I]

This error most likely happened because the lookup timed out. It happens a lot when my ISP is on crack (the really strong, bad kind) and occasionally if I'm downloading lots of stuff at once. It was the former this time.

Apologies for the crap look, but hey it doesn't need to be pretty. (Had it as a JPEG with high compression and then realized a 5 color .gif would be smaller)


After you click OK, it closes both the error AND the edited post, without having saved it. In my case this time, I only edited a line "both PII 233 and a pII 300" to "300 but only one motherboard"... but in the past, I've accidentally hit (whichever it is, ctrl-enter or alt-enter) and typed well over half the post in the edit window. Also, but I didn't get a screencapture of this, I clicked on "Edit Last Entry" right after it closed and it timed out -- again, a blank dialog, only when I clicked "OK" it sat there in the Edit Last Entry box with everything greyed out, saying "Loading" when it obviously wasn't.

Or should this be in the lj_win32 community? Is that an open community? Hmm.

The point of me pointing this out is one of two things.
1) Shouldn't the edit window stay open after the error, so you a)try again b)cry and save it into a textfile?
2) Shouldn't it go away if it couldn't retreive an entry to edit?

There are less fortunate users out there... I certainly would've been mad if I'd typed more than 4 new words :o)
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New Mac Client [Jun. 16th, 2001|01:34 pm]
LiveJournal Development


With little to no response from either Lescom or Axodys, I've decided to make a new Mac Client. It's still in its relatively early stages but is already better than the current Mac Version.

I set up a community for it http://www.livejournal.com/community/phoenix_lj/ and have a download page set up on my itools account http://homepage.mac.com/thorshammer/phoenix.html.
The actual link itself to the client file is: http://homepage.mac.com/thorshammer/aaweekly/phoenix.sit
I don't mind hosting the downloads for the client, I was just wondering If I could get my client listed under the downloads page along with my community.

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Continuity with communities and talk*.bml [Jun. 16th, 2001|04:00 pm]
LiveJournal Development


[music |Eddie Grant - Electric Avenue]

It's not important to me, as such. But, my friends view, I see the community choice for mood themes. But, in talkread.bml I see the mood set for the person who posted the entry

Well, it could be the other way round, but I don't think it is. I could be wrong

For instance

http://www.livejournal.com/~tmtl/friends?skip=80 (Could be a different number now, though)
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