June 15th, 2001

  • stesla


(Yet Another Silly Question)

On the allowmask (or any other mask) how do we represent the 32-bit unsigned int as a string?

1) Is it big- or little-endian? (I would imagine it's big-endian)
2) Are there any special formatting (padding, etc) or can I just printf("allowmask\n%d", allowmask)?

[Editor's note: Gah, this posting to different journals finally is biting me in the ass...couldn't get which journal I was posting to straight]
Lil' Shiit

Entry Timestamps

Are there any plans on making the timestamp on entries entered via the webpages version entries entered via the clients configurable as far as time zones?

The reason I ask is because I notice that the timestamp on journal entries I make via the client matches the time of the pc I'm on, yet the entries I make via the web pages show a timestamp that's an hour behind.
  • muerte


Does LiveJournal use any sort of compression on the database tables? I can't recall if Brad was using ISAM or MYISAM tables for the large text only tables... I was reading through the MySQL site and I found MyIsamPack which lets you compress your database tables. It's supposed to speed things up as well if you just do small selects. I'm looking for some "professional" (Read: Brad, Dormando, etc) suggestions regarding this. I may do it with some tables we have here at work as well.

It creates read-only tables which would be a problem for the bigger tables that are used everyday. But what about "LiveJournal Archives" stuff that's like a year or older. Something like that it would probably work pretty well.

Poll Creator

Its been a while, but i think i've finally fixed all or at least most of the bugs todo with my poll creator program.

(as you can see here)
if it becomes at least remotly possible, i'd like to have the option of moving it off site as not to use most of my bandwidth

Update: I have re-packaged after installing the service pack.. This should fix any instalation errors that might have occured
  • mge

HTML Cleaner?

Can someone look at my response to this: Request #6596

I think it's something to do with the HTML Cleaner, not liking images reference with out extension, I wanted to be sure. If so, is there any real reason for this?


LJ::TagGenerator bug

I can't use SELECT(....) in LJ::TagGenerator ... I imagine this has to do with "select" already being a perl function and existing in the symbol table already so AUTOLOAD isn't getting called.

I also imagine AlanJ already realized this when playing with tr(), which is why Tr and TR are also both defined as tags?

Alan ... wanna fix? :-)

Update: Looks like the importer is messed ... loading :tags doesn't work right?