June 10th, 2001

  • jnala

X-LiveJournal -- More informative comment notifications

I wrote a patch to add a X-LiveJournal header to comment notifications. The header looks like

X-Livejournal: itemid=133 talkid=38 journal=lusers:9 postby=joe commentby=jane:1 parentby=kathy

This indicates that Jane (who is your friend, with groupmask 1) posted a comment (talkid 38) in response to a comment by Kathy (who is not your friend), in a thread started by a post (itemid 133) from Joe (who is not your friend), in the lusers community (which is on your friends list, with groupmask 9).

What you do with that information is up to you. Personally, I'm going to write some procmail rules to send comments by friends into my main inbox, and other comments into a mailbox that gets checked somewhat less often. Others might want to completely discard comments that aren't directly in response to their comments or posts. Others might want to pop up a browser window when they get a comment in their journal from their SO. Whatever you want.

The entire subscription/notification scheme needs an overhaul, but that's a larger project. :-) This is a quick cheap win.

I also made a small change to the subject lines that get sent. Before, if your post was on subject "Squirrels" and I commented with no subject, you would get an email saying "Reply to your post..." Now, you get an email saying "Re: Squirrels". You only get the uninformative "Reply to your post..." if neither the poster nor the commenter used a subject line.
  • mge

Mozilla 0.9.1 and Outlook Express 5.5 and E-mail Comments

Hey all.

I'm *NOT* putting this in a support request, because I figure it will end up here anyway.

Anyone tried to reply to a comment within an E-Mail reply from Outlook Express when Mozilla 0.9.1?

The server rejects the comment. It looks to me (with my limted knowledge of packet sniffing) that Outlook Express doesn't pass the post info to Mozilla 0.9.1

Any idea how this can be fixed? Have there been any other problems using 3rd party browers with E-mail Replys?
  • stesla

Am I missing something here?

Reading through the specs here on the website, and through the code for a couple of the clients, I'm gathering that it's safe to just do the equivalent of a split('\n', $response) and it'll all work out.

My question is, are the responses ever going to have newlines in the data portions?
  • ender

LJ Chat Server - an apology ;)

I -have- coded this, and promised to deliver it to Brad so many times that I'm incredibly sorry I havn't had the time.

My planned lj-dev server (womb.livejournal.com) has also been incredibly delayed, mostly by me changing jobs.

As I'm currently wrapped in bed, sick, I'm now going to actually test the code and post a link in a few hours so other people can tell me what they think. Again, sorry Brad - and everyone else.
  • muerte

Mod Gzip

I think I heard a while back that LJ was using gzip compression to send pages to the clients but stopped... Does it add a lot of CPU overhead? Are we still using it?

Reading the page on it here and it sounds like it would save a lot of bandwidth and speed up page views for the viewers. My only concern would be added CPU usage to zip all that content up.


Looking on http://www.livejournal.com/developer/embedding.bml it looks like it's explaining how to pull the entire journal from the server. I'd imagine users would want to only show the LASTN part on their own sites, a la Blogger etc. Is there an easy way to do this that could be added to the aforementioned page?

Also: is there any way to format lj differently when you're embedding it? Users may want it to fit with the style of their site but look different if people go to look at their actual www.lj.com/~user page. All minor but possibly worth considering.

Sorting of friends area in userinfo

i was told i should bring this to the attention of the Development community...

it was brought to my attention that on my userinfo area, the names in my two friends lists are in different orders.

on the friends section:

captions, dark_raine, darker_dreams, darkflamewitch, davethebrave

on the friend of section:

cryptic, darker_dreams, darkflamewitch, dark_raine, davethebrave

ignoring the first and last names on each list, notice that the three "dark" names are in different orders. my assumption is that it's a difference in how the two groups are sorted, but wouldn't it be easier to have them both be sorted by the same sort function? my grasp of coding isn't nearly up to par enough to be able to skim through the coding and see for myself, so i thought i'd tell the experts and let them take care of it instead, and since no one in support seemed willing to pass it along, here i am. thanks for your time guys. :)