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June 9th, 2001

A LiveJournal IRC server [Jun. 9th, 2001|12:31 am]
LiveJournal Development



There's a discussion over in lj_biz about chat features at LiveJournal. insomnia is suggesting that, for now, communities use AIM's chat facilities until LiveJournal develops a 'really kickass' solution. Here is my proposal, which was actually mostly 'inspired by' shaggy who replied to my 'rambling-rubbish-as-I-think-about-it' comment.

The LiveJournal dev team has talked before about running an IRC server for LiveJournal, so this isn't really a wholly new idea, but in order to achieve a good tie-in, my proposal is as follows...

This is particularly long...Collapse )
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lj tags [Jun. 9th, 2001|05:36 am]
LiveJournal Development


If we can't get a consensus on making the standard, can we at least get it so that things like:
<lj cut text="foo"> is the same as <lj-cut text="foo"> and
<lj-user="foo"> (and/or <:lj-user text="foo"> to match <lj user="foo">

I'm sick of unknown lj tag because I can't (and I'm sure others) can't keep straight whether there's a space or dash and what the parameter list is supposed to be.
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CVS question [Jun. 9th, 2001|04:15 pm]
LiveJournal Development


Say I check out some module from a CVS server:

$ CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d 'blah@there.com:/home/cvs' co some_module

That module creates directory some_module (although I understand modules can comprise multiple directories). So, I go in there:

$ cvs some_modules

Time passes. People update.

$ cvs update

Okay, now I have the new files More time passes. People add files directories.

$ cvs update

It doesn't fetch me the new files directories.

$ cvs co some_module

It makes a new directory called some_module under some_module

$ cd ..
$ cvs -d `cat some_moduie/CVS/Root` co some_module

There we go.

But that seems ugly and is a pain. What's a better way?

(This has nothing to do with LiveJournal, other than that I'm in the process of putting all the code into CVS finally.....)
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CVS -- about damn time [Jun. 9th, 2001|11:32 pm]
LiveJournal Development


After tons of reading and tinkering, I think I finally have CVS all setup and working.

I also setup a cvsweb interface, because it's damn cool.

The cvs root is :pserver:anonymous@danga.com:/home/cvslj and the modules are:

livejournal --- LiveJournal code, generic and usable by any other site
ljcom --- Code specific to LiveJournal.com, or too weird/ugly to be shipped/supported in livejournal

Very very little has been put in CVS yet. I'm going through the site file by file and deciding if it's livejournal or ljcom, and removing links/dependencies from livejournal files to ljcom files, and refactoring stuff often. Also auditing/cleaning as I go.

So, keep doing cvs updating (with -d ! :-)) .. it'll all be there eventually.
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