June 6th, 2001

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  • mart

System Styles in Source Package

In the source package, an SQL script is included which lobs stuff into the database for a base install, including the system styles.

Problem is, it puts them in with the styleids they have on LiveJournal, the highest of which is 18550. This means that in the tables for other sites (such as DeadJournal) the vast majority of styleids up to that number are wasted and autonumbering starts at 18551.

Could the styleids be renumbered to be 1-21 in the source package, perhaps? That would make the other sites not have a massive gap in their styleids, which would be a good thing I think.

  • eris

question for brad (or anyone who'd know) about BML

by way of introduction i'm eris and i'm 1/2 of deadjournal.com

what i'm working on right now is the new look of deadjournal
what i've got for the global look is just a top bar with a much prettier look than what's there and drop down menus for all the menu options
there are 2 menus that are meant to show only when logged in (rather similar to the sidebar here)
i'm just learning how bml works so bear with me if i say something stupid

my question is what would be the exact bml that goes around things to be shown if logged in or if not logged in

i changed this a bit and put it around said menus

if ($ENV{'REQUEST_URI'} =~ /^\/log(in|out)/) {
return "";
my $cooku = $BMLClient::COOKIE{"ljuser"};
if ($cooku && $BMLClient::COOKIE{"ljhpass"} =~ /^$cooku:(.+)/) {
return "Logged in: $cooku, Logout";
} else {
return "Not Logged in. Login";

i had it up live for 2 seconds last night and half of it worked, so i'm sure i'll eventually figure it out but it'd be nice to see a general what goes around loggedin/notloggedin instead of copying and changing code from other places

if i didn't explain well smack me and i'll try to rephrase
i'm only geekintraining :)

p.s. if anyone's interested http://www.deadjournal.com/~new_shit is where i've been posting progress and updates
  • slinch

(no subject)

I am currently in the process of trying to port livejournal to windows. I have made some progress, but I cant seem to get FCGI loaded.
Anyone had any luck doing this? any suggestions?