June 5th, 2001

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Bloody hell @ lj_support... this isn't appropriate to the regular support as it's simply a problem

Loading http://thegreatdark.livejournal.com/ , I just got a 500 Error and no errordoc to handle it. Instead got the typical Apache one in Times font. This can't be good.

When I reloaded, it worked after a minute. (Sat there trying to load, but a lot of times that's just my connection)

Still though, if there's an error out ther causing a plain vanilla 500 Error, someone might want to replace it with one of the nicer error messages about being too full or something.
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un pescado grande

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Where do we keep the good wine the <lj user=fishies> tag hidden?


Excuse me for being vague.

In the LJ source, where is the code to control the LJ user tag? Like in a BML file or in ljlib.pl or what? Yes. Sorry :o)
un pescado grande

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(This is from cleanhtml.pl around like 83 or so)

Is there anything bad with this? Highlighted bits got changed, rest is kosher brad.

(And apologies @ the image -- it was the easiest way to make it readable and besides - a 2-bit .GIF isn't so bad to load)

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what ever came of the raid/alpha setup? anything? nothing? was a decision made? will one be made soon? where is the decision heading at the moment if it isnt made yet?

this came to mind when it was mentioned that the main db server is starting to hit a wall. i know that some of the services have been offloaded already... but the future is coming quickly. i still adamently believe that multiple db servers handling the main load would be best way to go, but it would require a partial redesign and brad hasnt mentioned what he thinks of doing so, at least that i recall.

anyway, i have one more statement in regards to the database server/raid choice... and it follows:

keep in mind that the sustained server dataload will be no greater than the speed of the PCI bus or the limit between the north and south bridges (whichever is less). i believe the alpha had a 64 bit pci bus (was it 33 or 66mhz?)... but is the card 32 bit? if so, you will still be limited to 133MB/s transfer at 33mhz. keep this in mind since 5 disks doing 30MB/s sustained (very realistic for a heavy hit on raid 0) would easily saturate this bus.

things to look at... is the raid controller interface pci based? is it 64 bit? is the servers pci bus 33mhz? 66mhz? what is the connection between the north and south bridges? is it just the pci bus? is it a 266MB/s link instead? does it use something like serverworks' IMB?

just thoughts... i didnt feel like digging for the thread on the alpha to find the specs again... but i think this is all applicable still.

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Syndication built into the server

IMHO it'd be excellent if syndication were built into the LJ server. If someone has a site they'd like to syndicate, they should be able to hit a page, type in a suggested username, the URL of the RDF/RSS feed, and have that feed get syndicated under that username. No central administration needed, no dependencies on outside systems.

This doesn't seem like a huge project. Maintain a syndication table on the server with all the data, a couple of BML pages to create and maintain syndicated accounts, and an ljmaint script (possibly derived from piman's scripts) to suck the feeds and create entries.