June 2nd, 2001

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I'm looking at this script. It checks to see if an account is over 2 months old and has never been posted in. Then it goes to check and see if they've ever posted comments. So then we have:

if ($commented) { next; }
print "$u->{'user'} ... $u->{'userid'}\n";

Am I missing what's going on here? There's no delete getting done? It seems like the "next;" should be skipping over a delete query, but there is none to be found. Has this been disabled or something? It wouldn't make sense to have it "disabled" but still running tons of useless queries on a cron job.

Also found that on line 14, the variable $posted seems useless?
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since the servers were switched off of mod_backhand, my perl livejournal client (jlj) has not successfully connected to the server.

anyone have any suggestions? I admit that i have not looked into this greatly yet... but i figured that if someone had an idea, it might help me out. ;)
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html compliance in default styles

This is probably a pretty low-priority concern, but should be addressed at some point.

It appears that several (all?) browsers on Mac OS X do not render Livejournal HTML properly in most of the default styles. Running some examples through the validator at validator.w3.org, lots of errors show up. It is a given that many of these errors are not necessarily important in default HTML rendering, but some of them (particularly table formation) can affect things negatively. IE/Win appears to render fine most of the time, but it is much more tolerant of HTML inconsistencies.

I'm not trying to be a stickler here for standards compliance, but....

My question is - would anyone like to assist in summarizing the changes that need to be made to the styles to make them semi-compliant and get them into the hands of whoever is able to make those changes so at least a few users can enjoy the full LJ experience? As it stands, I have to have one browser open to view comments properly, and another to view journal entries properly :)
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client access problem solved?

After a few minutes of analysis of packet dumps from jlj, I found that it's sending HTTP headers with just "\n" instead of "\r\n" at the end of each line.

Look at RFC 1945 page 11; this is a violation of the HTTP spec.
I suspect the BigIP rejects it.

A simple
$fullbody =~ s/\n/\r\n/mg;
at around line 610 of jlj.pl fixes this.

(And this is why it's better to use a Perl HTTP library: less code means fewer bugs. The next version of LoserJabber uses an HTTP library for this very reason.)

I suspect the OS X client has a similar problem.

Also, to the Mac users: your HTML problems with LiveJournal will be addressed eventually. Appreciate that both Brad and I have finals next week, and we really shouldn't be doing things like tracking down bugs in other people's LiveJournal clients. :)
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New LJ Screensaver

This is the new Livejournal screensaver, which I created.

Click here to download (1.72MB)

Once installed, check out these settings where you can change the delays between images, enable/disable randomly displaying images, enable/disable each of these display effects and many more.

This even come with an uninstaller!

Please check this out and leave me any comments for improvement or any images to add, etc before I contact Brad to get this file available on the Download page.